Updates in saleslifecycle.com

by Andrew2. September 2013 2:17
We pushed updates on the weekend to your saleslifecycle.com account.  Let me highlight some of these changes here: Contact Edit Options For each contact now there is a new bundled edit menu allowing you to easily edit your contacts Download a VCard into outlook Defer actions - this ... [More]

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Designing the new deduplication feature

by Andrew21. August 2013 1:29
Contact databases often suffer from a common issue - duplicate contacts.  They creep in, they are imported in and are made all the time through inconsistent naming or incomplete information.  No one is really safe from the pain of duplicate contacts and it can cost a company significant em... [More]

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Finding a good Customer Service Tool

by Andrew2. July 2013 1:04
Choice is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse.  At the moment I'm researching help desk software for use with saleslifecycle.com.  I have managed to reduce the list down to four choices; www.desk.com, www.uservoice.com, www.freshdesk.com and www.zendesk.com.  GetSatisfaction wa... [More]

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Saleslifecycle.com now supports recurring actions

by Andrew1. July 2013 10:22
Last night we pushed an update to support recurring actions, this is great news for tasks which happen on a regular frequency.  You can now specify the frequency (every week, monthly etc.) and the number of times it is to happen - by default the task will recur indefinitely. The plan template ... [More]

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New Features – 5th June 2013

by Andrew5. June 2013 3:52
Last night we added the option to download your contact information as a CSV file directly from your search results page.  This is a popular request by our clients and helps marketing and sales people easily and readily get a dump of the data with search criteria. To use this new feature you m... [More]



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