Deduplication - Rolling out now

by Andrew23. September 2013 10:10
Well another update has been released – Deduplication!  What the heck is that?  Put simply: it is a new tool for removing duplicate records in your account.   Duplicates crop up over time, especially in large accounts, so from today you now have a new option for dealing with this issue.     As part of the update we have run an initial auto-duplicate check across your entire account.  When there is a high enough certainty that a company or contact record is a duplicate we now mark these as potential duplicates. Finding these is as easy as running an advanced search with the new ‘Has Duplicate’ option.   You can select the two duplicate contacts and choose to merge these straight from the search results. Or click on the contact to find more information about the duplicates detected.   Performing a Merge Once you have determined to merge the contacts (two or more) you will be presented with the Merge Contacts page. This page lets you select which pieces of information you wish to retain and which company to contact should reside in.  The discarded contacts will be deactivated (not deleted) and any deals, actions and message history will be moved across to the merged contact. The merge process can be lengthy and is run as a background task.  Also I should note that although the auto detection feature does a pretty good job it is not perfect – so make sure you check out suggested merges before making any changes.   Duplicate Companies Duplicate companies are also handled in a simular manner.  A advanced search can also be performed for duplicate companies and the process is the same as above.  Contacts from both companies are pulled into the ‘Winning’ company and the duplicate companies are made inactive.

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Designing the new deduplication feature

by Andrew21. August 2013 1:29
Contact databases often suffer from a common issue - duplicate contacts.  They creep in, they are imported in and are made all the time through inconsistent naming or incomplete information.  No one is really safe from the pain of duplicate contacts and it can cost a company significant embarrassment when duplicate contacts are both treated as the actual sole record.  To date we have not had a good solution for dealing with duplicates beyond manual intervention. So I am pleased to announce the next major feature to be added to saleslifecycle - de-duplication! Detecting Duplicates It all starts with detecting if a duplicate contact record exists. Our method is a rather brute force approach of comparing all of your active contacts with each other.  Matching contacts are made by comparing their company name, last name, first name and primary email address and measuring the similarities. From this we build a probability score out of 100 to determine if they are in fact duplicate records. For example: John Smith at ComWire International Jonathan Smith at Commerc International Would be given a probability of around 70% of being a duplicate. If the score is greater than 80% we will add a warning on the contact page of a possible duplicate contact.  Contacts with a possible duplicate will be searchable via the new advanced search option 'Has Duplicate' Resolving Duplicates If you believe that the contact records are not duplicates then you can choose to 'ignore' the match and it will not be suggested again.  If you believe that they are duplicates then you have two choices: Merge or Delete one of them. When will this be available? The final design is being worked on now and we expect to see this new feature rolling out in the next week or so. Until next time.

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