Finding a good Customer Service Tool

by Andrew2. July 2013 1:04
Choice is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse.  At the moment I'm researching help desk software for use with  I have managed to reduce the list down to four choices;,, and  GetSatisfaction was a contender but was removed due to the very expensive price tag - $425 per month! Selection Criteria These services all offer slightly different features and they have a LOT of features to compare against.  This is going to be a much easier process if I define the essential features upfront.  We are only a small company and we don't want to spend a lot of time and resources on getting a help desk solution up and running.  We need only three seats - but could get by with only one user account in the short term.  Cost is a big factor, if it becomes too expensive I will become tempted to use Google groups or stackoverflow.  As far as support features we need a way for users to give us feedback, help themselves and each other with simple learning curve issues.  We would like to have users vote on future features to give us a priorities to work with, we would love to have a knowledge base of tutorials and 'how-to's that can help users get productive quicker. In short: Up to 3 support team members At least one forum for users to discuss issues, features, etc. Knowledge Database for storing articles and support solutions Handle emails / support tickets Simple, easy to use and nice to look at. Nice to haves: Suggest solutions to customers as they type their question Custom domain support - i.e. support.<domain>.com Custom branding - our logo Single login - customers don't need to signup if they are already our customers Giving Grades Now that I know what is important for our particular needs, I need to grade the four services and gain a greater perspective of how they compare to each other.  I would rather trial two services than all four so if I can eliminate at least two choices by grading that is going to save me a lot of time. Wish me luck!

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