How to Add a Business Contact – the basics

by Andrew19. November 2012 1:18

In my previous post, I explained how to add an individual contact in a B2C relationship.  
Today I'm going to show you how to add a new Business Contact in a B2B scenario.

Firstly, we need to add a Business to our account.

Step 1.  In the top menu, click on the [+] icon on the right hand side of the ‘companies’ option


Step 2.  Fill out the company information.  The only required field is the company name


Avoiding Duplicates
It is important for any CRM to make sure duplicate records are not made.  We try and warn you of any potential duplicates when you start typing the company’s name


Step 3.  Click on one of the ‘Add’ buttons
Once the company record has been created, the page will load the company page.

Adding a Company Employee

Now that we have the company page loaded, we can add the new contact entry.

On the Contacts Tab, there is a button called ‘Add Contact’


From here you can add the contact’s information.  The only required field is either the first or last name.
If you want to be able to send emails via saleslifecycle we will need at least one email address.

I hope this helps.




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