How to Add a new Contact – the basics

by Andrew19. November 2012 1:03

This is the first in a series of posts about learning the basics of

In this example I will be using the demo account that is freely available online.
SLC can handle two types of contacts – Company contacts and individuals

Some businesses deal solely with companies and the employees of those companies – this is commonly referred to as a B2B relationship.  Where as some businesses normally deal with private individuals B2C

Adding a Individual Contact – B2C

Step 1.  In the top menu, next to the ‘contacts’ option is a little + icon
Click on this icon to launch the Add Contact dialog box.


Step 2.  Fill out the ‘Add Contact’ form.  The only required fields are a first or last name.
Your default territory is already preselected.


Step 3.  Click on one of the ‘Add’ buttons

Some advanced options
You can add the contact’s twitter account if you know it. i.e. @saleslifecycle

Step 4.  Once you have successfully added your contact the page will load the contact page.
From here you can handle all of your business deals, interactions and add actions etc.

Final notes
On the contact page you can launch the edit dialog box by clicking on the ‘edit’ button in the top right hand corner.  Alternatively if you just wish to add a phone number, or address you can click on the appropriate links on the page.

I hope this helps.




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