How to Add your team – the Basics

by Andrew11. December 2012 2:40

We are continuing our ‘How to’ blog series - today’s topic – adding your team members.

Got enough credits?
Each new account is issued with a free admin account.  To add more members you need to ensure you have enough credits.  Browse to the main admin page to see a tally of your current subscription credits.


To learn more about adding credits please see the previous post.

In the above screen shot you can see that there are 3 available member credits.

Add a new Member
On the left admin menu, click on the members link.


Click on the ‘Add New Member’ button


Fill out the team members details.
* the only required field is a first name or last and an email address *

As saleslifecycle makes extensive use of mail merging with email templates it is important that the member details are kept up to date.

Once you are happy with the member details click on the Add button on either the top or bottom of the dialog box.


Confirmation Required
Now you can see the new member listed, note the ‘Pending’ status next to the users name.
We have now sent a invitation email on your behalf welcoming them to the system.

Once they click on the provided link their membership will become ‘Active’. 

If they didn’t receive an email, recheck the address used (you can change this via the edit button) and if needed click on the ‘resend invitation’ link near the status.



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