Long Weekend Updates

by Andrew8. October 2013 12:01

Well it was nice to have such great weather on the long weekend here in Adelaide.  We took advantage of the extended weekend to push some new updates and improvements to saleslifecycle.com


What’s Changed?

Advanced Search now supports ‘Saved Queries’.  If you find you are constantly running the same search over and over again you can save time by saving your search query.  Simply build the search you wish to save and after running it enter a name in the ‘Saved Queries’ box on the LHS and click on ‘save’

Another change to the Advanced search is that it now supports the back button in your browser.  If you clicked one a search result and then wanted to get back to your previous search you can simply click on the back button in your browser and we will pull the previously run search.  Another Great time saver!

Likewise we now support ‘Saved Queries’ in the Deal Reports.  Now you can build and save repeated reports with a simple one step process.


System Improvements

The other big change is one we hope you won’t notice.  We overhauled the database infrastructure over the weekend significantly improving the throughput and stability of our service.  We hope you won’t notice any difference and just take for granted the service quality.


What’s coming next?

Tim and I are currently in discussions regarding future directions and features for saleslifecycle.com.  We have some exciting new ideas that we are getting impatient to get ready for production.  I promise to write a new post soon regarding the future for saleslifecycle.com


P.S. Don’t forget to check out our videos on youtube

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